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Beijing Huayinglian Compressor Products Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing HYL ).
Location:  No.108 BinHe Road ,Tongzhou District Beijing (registered address).
 Diaphragm compressor production base is located in: GuAn industrial park in LangFang  city, HeBei province.
 Production area; 16000 sqm.  Office area;5750 sqm.  Additional floor space under construction 4780 sqm.

Products:   A range of High Quality Diaphragm Compressors, used in Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical , Oil and gas Industries, aerospace, nuclear power, nuclear energy, food, medicine, electronic industry, material industry, national defense, scientific research and other industrial fields.
Employees:  Currently more than 60 total.  Approximately 70% production and operational staff. Approximately 30% management (senior and middle management) and technical / engineering professionals and administration staff.
Quality:  ISO9001 accredited.
Management System: Fully operational ERP system
About Beijing HYL:  A young vibrant, modern design and productioncompany with a high level of technical expertise, strong emphasis on talent development and an enterprising and entrepreneurial culture. With a rich experience in the design, development and manufacture of Diaphragm Compressors, Beijing HYL has positioned itself as a innovative company producing a range of Diaphragm Compressors of the highest quality, comparable with similar foreign products. Beijing HYL applies advanced design concepts within its technology, however we also have an ongoing program of investment in research and development, incorporating several scientific and engineering facilities with great capabilities to further enhance our product technology, performance and reliability, with our aim to be the world leaders in our field.      
Our state of the art production facility has been structured to give an efficient, clean, safeworking environment for our valued employees, equipped with all top of therange CNC Machining Centers, Lathes and Wire Cutting machinery and other specialized equipment required in the manufacturing of Diaphragm Compressors.
Our philosophy is to create a customer focused company, providing quality products with world class support and service to fully satisfy all our customers’ needs. All our staff, at all levels, are fully engaged and united in the companies values and dedication to our customers, ensuring all aspects of the business are fulfilled whilst maintaining respect for each other, to ensure a dedicated and motivated workforce.